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Back Pain

What is Back Pain?

Upper Back Pain is any type of pain or discomfort throughout the back side of the chest and upper abdominal area. The neck and shoulders are frequently affected. There are many nerves, muscles, tendons and ligament in the upper back and it is when they become irritated or inflamed that upper back pain can occur.

Lower Back Pain can occur in the lower back as well as affecting the buttocks and legs.

What are the causes of Back Pain?

Common causes of Upper Back Pain include:

Often, Upper Back Pain occurs along with Neck Pain and/or shoulder pain.

If the Upper Back Pain is accompanied by other symptoms such as difficulty in breathing or chest pains, one must see the doctor immediately.

Some of the causes of Lower Back Pain include:

Treatment of Back Pain

Both our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths are qualified and experienced to deal with all types of back pain. One of our Osteopaths is a specialist in structure and posture problems associated with the back, neck and shoulders. All are registered with most Private Healthcare Providers. Please contact the Clinic for more details.

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