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Muscle Cramp

What is Muscle Cramp?

Muscle cramps, frequently referred to as muscle spasms, occur when the muscle contracts involuntarily and can be very painful. It is common in those who engage in sports and can affect individual muscles, or a group of muscles. The most common muscles susceptible to cramps are calf muscles, hamstring, muscles in the feet and the quadriceps.

What are the causes of Muscle Cramp?

Factors that can contribute to the onset of cramp include:

What are the symptoms of Muscle Cramp?

During a cramp, muscle(s) may feel very hard for anything from a few seconds to several minutes and in some cases even longer, depending on the intensity of the spasm and can be extremely painful.

Treatment of Muscle Cramp

If you experience regular or very painful muscle cramps it may be worth booking a free consultation with the Physiotherapist for some advice on prevention and exercises you could do to reduce the frequency or severity. Please contact the Clinic for more information.

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