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Neck Pain

What are the causes of Neck Pain?

Pain in the neck can be caused by:

What are the symptoms of Neck Pain?

Symptoms include short term or long term pain in the upper back and neck area and vary depending on the cause. Sprains and spasms are usually less serious than fractures of the vertebrae which could be life threatening.

If neck pain is associated with a rash that doesn’t fade when a glass is pressed against it, fever, sensitivity to light, severe headache, continuous vomiting, seek medical attention immediately. If neck pain occurs after an injury to the head, seek medical attention immediately.

Treatment of Neck Pain

Both our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths are qualified and experienced to deal with all types of neck pain. One of our Osteopaths is a specialist in structure and posture problems associated with the back, neck and shoulders. All are registered with most Private Healthcare Providers. Please contact the Clinic for more details.

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